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Thanks, Trump, for making me a bit more numb to your insane rhetoric.… - Cecelia

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August 11th, 2016

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10:26 am
Thanks, Trump, for making me a bit more numb to your insane rhetoric. You keep on doing it over and over again so I don't feel as much outrage as the last time you crossed the line. You repeatedly cross the line and you will pay for it one day. I hope that either your name and your family is forgotten into oblivion or that you are vilified in history as the unstable and idiotic sociopath that you are. And thanks for ruining the political process for a whole GENERATION of youth. And you have no right to speak about yellow, black, or brown people when you are ORANGE. As I have said before, you are an utterly despicable man. You are a con artist who does not deserve the advantages that you have been given. I guarantee you would not have all that you have now or gotten to the place you are without your father's precious money. I could not imagine you being a competent co-worker if you had to work with me. You would be disruptive, crass, and get fired. You have tarnished America's image and I am sad about that. People around the world are in disbelief and are laughing at the fact that a such a buffoon has gotten so far. And as others have echoed before me, you are Hitler in the making, with your racist and violent rhetoric. You are a primitive caveman. You may not pay for your actions now, but mark my words, you will be VILIFIED in the end (or forgotten). Your character and your lies will be crucified in the light of truth and people will look down on you as the most ignorant piece of shit that walked and breathed on this earth.

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