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Calling BS - Cecelia

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February 16th, 2017

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10:11 pm - Calling BS
I don't understand how to not feel angry about what's going on with the institution of the American presidency right now. I just don't. I went through various stages of grief after Trump the Orange Cheeto got elected, but now it's just pure anger. What with his dealings with Russia which are ILLEGAL (which no one seemed to care about prior to the election but now the reality of the sinister allegations are finally sinking in) and with some of the terrible, terrible confirmation picks (Betsy DeVos for the Department of Education <- this one makes me just cry inside for every kid in this nation, Ben Carson for the Department of Housing and Urban Development <- a self-hating black man who sneers at the poor, Scott Pruitt for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency <- an ally to the oil industry who denies climate change is the steward of our environment), and Steve Bannon for the National Security Council, who brings white supremacy to have a seat at the table. The Cheeto is seeing that his lies are going to implode on him. His strategy for bullying and intimidating and discrediting will not keep up - America is not a fucking game show, and the American people are not all fucking dunces. And today, with his first press conference as the President, what does he do but be the giant fucking dick that he always has been? He was totally disrespectful and rude to April Ryan, a black reporter from the American Urban Radio Networks in Baltimore, asking her to set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus in a derogatory manner. She repeatedly tells him no, and that she's just a reporter. It's not her fucking job to set up meetings for you, you prick. Her job is a REPORTER - to REPORT news - to be at your fucking press conferences. Her job is not to be your damn secretary. YOU HAVE OTHER PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR YOU WHO WHOSE JOB IT IS TO SET THOSE MEETINGS UP YOU DICK. Unbelievable. This is how you treat every fucking person who's a minority - like they're in this secret clan and they all fucking know each other. Just because I'm Korean doesn't mean I know every fucking Korean in the United States. I would be so offended at that comment - and I am on behalf of her, a fellow woman and a fellow minority. That shit is just not right.

Besides hating on the Orange Cheeto, I also have a newfound hatred of Republicans, particularly the establishment Republicans who have a seat at the White House table. The thing I hate worse than ignorance might be total fucking incompetence. If you have a job, do it right or get the fuck out. To every Republican close to this monster, to every Republican who is not mentally incapacitated but doing jack shit for our country, you are a disgrace to your parents and to your children. To back that Cheeto Monster up, even by silently complying, is fucking treason right now. I hope you can live with yourself, and that you can sleep soundly at night. One quote that has been running through my head lately a lot is the scene from The Departed where Mark Wahlberg's character berates someone for not setting up a camera in the back of the building to get a view from every angle of the drug sting, and thereby causing the sting to fail in part since one of the parties get away by boat in an area where the guy had not put up a camera. Mark turns to the guy and says: "I'm the guy who does his job; you must be the other guy." The Republican senators and statesmen right now are "that other guy" - that guy who does not do his fucking job. Your job is to UPHOLD the Constitution and to PROTECT the American people, to be a voice for the voiceless, to carry the weakest among us, to try to alleviate things for the disadvantaged, and to be a steward of democracy and the democratic process. The Cheeto goes and violates the Constitution and they do nothing, they say nothing. And to me, that means they are just as complicit in the crime. Not only that, they are not doing their job at all. This is your fucking job - you are getting paid to do this. It shouldn't be the American people's job to be outraged and have to call our senators all the damn time when we see a violation or an injustice - this is your JOB. Get that through your fucking heads. And more than other jobs, this is one to be taken very seriously as a lot of people are entrusting you to be that check and balance against an oppressive President, one who is trying to tear down our democracy. You should be thinking about how to combat these evils 24/7 - and yet you sit there silent and smiling, and even defending him. I hope there's a special place in hell reserved for you.
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