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Lightbulb dimly flickering in my head.. - Cecelia

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February 17th, 2017

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01:26 am - Lightbulb dimly flickering in my head..
So now I've come to the realization why logical, sensible things like gun control has not happened, and why Trump has not been impeached or reproached by the establishment Republicans. I think a significant minority of the country is just fucking crazy. Yeah, I understand that it's nearly half the people who voted for Trump - but not all of them were crazy. Some of them had their reasons, most of which I would classify as single-issue voters. For example, someone in my husband's family voted for him because she had a government job and she thought he'd be better for her since he seemed to be more open to getting rid of some of the rules that hampered her job like with government contractors. Mainly, it was selfish. So yeah, the selfish people aren't crazy. But what's scary is the alt-right - what I term the real crazies. They're a non-dismissable group, regardless if they're a minority. They're loud and they're crazy. And some of them are in the fucking White House because of stupid Orange Cheeto. And some of them pop up here and there too in the Republican Party (e.g. Sarah Palin).

However, I digress. The whole point of this post was to say I realize now, more so than ever before in my life, how many fucking insane and/or ignorant people there are out there. And NO FUCKING WONDER good, logical things have not happened. Because of those people (even before Trump). Even the single-issue voters are in that category and I condemn them still because there was just SO MUCH you had to look past to cast your vote for that fucking idiot. What with the "pussy-grabbing," the racism, the demeaning attitude to everyone, the nonstop disrespect and word vomit that he splattered all over the American people. Yeah, sorry not sorry - you don't get a pass either. You don't get a pass for making the worst decision of your life - one that not only affects yourself but millions of other people. So yeah, pretty much fuck you too. I think I have every right to be angry about this bullshit. And I think I'm being pretty fucking logical and sane to be angry because all this shit AFFECTS MY LIFE. But God, how disappointed I was in America, especially the people who make up his base, the people in rural, red states - what level of ignorance and/or insanity you need to have voted for that fucking prick - and there are SO many of you. I pray that you will realize your mistake, even partially. Please. Please use some logic to guide your mind - when someone does something illegal in public, they should get punished. Cheeto is running wild doing illegal things and he's not getting punished. He needs to collect his dues. I am patiently waiting, especially so for the AHA(!) moment for the establishment Republicans to wake the fuck up and realize what a monster they've endorsed. And how they've already failed the American people and that they need to start bringing that monster down.
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