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November 11th, 2016

09:43 am - </3
My heart still hurts. The grieving process will take a long time.

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October 10th, 2016

01:36 am - Once again...
Once again, I am here...writing...after watching another debacle put on by the people's most gracious champion, Donald J. Trump. Here's some of the more vivid points which stood out to me from the Town Hall debate:
- Admitting that he did not pay federal taxes (he did not admit the duration of time for which he did not pay; however, he plainly stated that he did NOT pay them)
- Stating that Aleppo has already "fallen" and writing it off as a lost cause in response to a question asked regarding what the candidates would do about the humanitarian crisis there.
- Acting like he is the sweeping arbiter of justice saying that he will jail Hillary if he becomes president (there are deeper implications to this; it is unprecedented for a nominee to flat out say they are going to arrest another nominee)
- Disagreeing, in no uncertain terms, with his own VP nominee regarding how to handle the situation in Syria (another unprecedented event to disagree with one's own VP during the debates)
- Dismissing his 2005 video where he talked about women in an extremely lewd manner, that was pretty much an admission of sexual assault, as just "locker-room banter" (like every guy talks about women that way and that it is okay for someone to objectify persons of a certain gender and to violate them in whatever manner they please because the said persons are considered objects rather than people)
- Maybe most disturbing to me (and not really talked about or pointed out by the media, at least so far) is his unending attacks on the Khan family. He said: “Unlike her, who voted for the war…I would not have had people in Iraq because Iraq was a disaster. So he would be alive today.” To me, that is wrong on so many levels. Their son sacrificed his life (the most valuable possession a person owns) for our country, then you go ahead and immediately attack/ridicule him and his family about it, and then nearly 3 months later you still haven't let go of humiliating them by uttering something so downright horrific. When a parent loses their child, you DO NOT say that the death could have been prevented if you were in a certain position, but you REALLY DO NOT say that their child could or would still be alive. This more than crossed the line for me; it is truly reprehensible. And goes back to an earlier sentiment where I stated that he does not care about human life.

Let's expand on that last point a little more. Throughout this election cycle, he's made numerous blunders (too many to count, really), and it's been most interesting for me to see what is the sticking point for different people. Mine was obviously the Khan thing, which you can see above as I wrote more about it than any of the other points because it really bothered me how lightly he talks about human life. For many, it has been the unearthing of his latest scandal where on a hot mic, he goes on to use the most obnoxious, demeaning language to talk about his sexual conquests, objectifying women in the process. And for others, it was his open invitation to Russia to hack into Hillary's missing emails, with the broader implications of national security risks in requesting another country to interfere with America's election process, along with even more sinister undertones of making it sound okay for another country to illegally hack into private and/or confidential data indiscriminately. For my dad, it comes to him having pissed off nearly every respectable world leader and making so many blunders concerning international politics such as Asian countries carrying nuclear weapons, not supporting NATO, etc. Seriously, the list goes on and on..whether it be his temperament being unfit to wield the power to launch nuclear weapons or his disparagement of disabled people or his rebuke of prisoners of war saying that they're not heroes because they got captured. After all this, it is absolutely astounding to me that his core supporters have not abandoned him. Astounding and troubling, to say the least.

For the people who say politics don't matter, the news media doesn't matter, everything is all bias and lies; I dare say it DOES matter and that this IS relevant to your life. Not only to your life, but to everyone's lives on this planet. It matters to your life as an American because if Trump becomes president, trust me, he WILL bring this economy down with his talk of tax cuts (which will benefit the wealthy the most) and cutting healthcare. And if America goes down, it will have a ripple effect across the world financial markets. Not to mention he will get to have his pick of a Supreme Court Justice, who serve on average a length of 15 years. 15 long years shaping the face and future of this nation, for better or for worse. And for the people in other countries, who knows if some world leader would piss him off, and with his erratic nature coupled with his obsession for not letting go of any slights, he could very well start a war with another country. Another reason he is unfit to be the Commander in Chief, other than his total flippancy to human life, is his unbridled narcissism. An ego like his cares nothing at all for anyone else but himself. And that does not a good President make. Or let's break it down into even simpler terms - how can an uncouth misogynist who knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the way politics works or about foreign policy in general be our effin' President???? I don't know if I'm more sad or if I'm more scared of just how many people stand in his camp even now. For me, it's totally against any sense of logic. I understand you want a white knight to shake up the corruption of the political system and to hold the behind the scenes players more accountable for their actions, but believe you me, he IS NOT that white knight. He is not, and will not be, the savior. He is just a two-bit con artist (and a very undeserving person of everything that has been given to him in his life). For the ones who still believe in his message of hope, I just hope that the veil will be lifted from your eyes one day.

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August 11th, 2016

10:26 am
Thanks, Trump, for making me a bit more numb to your insane rhetoric. You keep on doing it over and over again so I don't feel as much outrage as the last time you crossed the line. You repeatedly cross the line and you will pay for it one day. I hope that either your name and your family is forgotten into oblivion or that you are vilified in history as the unstable and idiotic sociopath that you are. And thanks for ruining the political process for a whole GENERATION of youth. And you have no right to speak about yellow, black, or brown people when you are ORANGE. As I have said before, you are an utterly despicable man. You are a con artist who does not deserve the advantages that you have been given. I guarantee you would not have all that you have now or gotten to the place you are without your father's precious money. I could not imagine you being a competent co-worker if you had to work with me. You would be disruptive, crass, and get fired. You have tarnished America's image and I am sad about that. People around the world are in disbelief and are laughing at the fact that a such a buffoon has gotten so far. And as others have echoed before me, you are Hitler in the making, with your racist and violent rhetoric. You are a primitive caveman. You may not pay for your actions now, but mark my words, you will be VILIFIED in the end (or forgotten). Your character and your lies will be crucified in the light of truth and people will look down on you as the most ignorant piece of shit that walked and breathed on this earth.

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September 4th, 2013

08:58 pm - cute vid of a cat and mouse

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March 5th, 2013

11:55 pm
You know what can be entertaining yet nerve-grating at the same time? Getting tipsy and/or drunk and looking up common questions related to spelling or grammar...and check out the Yahoo Answers forums...

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December 3rd, 2012

12:01 am
Making money is cool...

But it can be tiring too.

I don't have much free time anymore as compared to what I had in college :/ *le sigh*

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September 3rd, 2012

01:05 am - On a more positive note....
I guess I've posted lot of negative entries lately about gloomy political subjects (like gun control and abortion)...so on to a more positive note - I'm done with school for the time being (unless I choose to pursue a phd, which is highly unlikely anytime in the foreseeable future), have a wonderful boyfriend who I believe is the best and most complementary person for me, annnnnd I'm starting my first real career job in less than two days!

I've gone through teenage angst, college years, and now onto the rest of my adult life as a gainfully employed member of society (woohoo). Plus, I'm almost done with CPA!!!! That will be a huge burden off my back when it's over, bleh. Then I can finally rest and do with my free time what I will like cook, read, pin things on pinterest, watch movies, whatever friggin' hobby or activity that I want to do, I can do it without feeling guilty about having to study for the damn CPA. Well, that is all, happy Labor Day!

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August 28th, 2012

12:20 am - I'M SO SICK OF IT
I'm sick of all this shooting bullshit and how gun control reform is not coming! If anyone wonders why I care about this issue so much - it's because this is about my own, as well as others', safety and welfare. It's about quality of life, dammit, I don't want to have to be frightened of going to watch a movie in a movie theater because I think that some gun-wielding mentally unstable psycho is going to shoot up the theater! Or even the recent incident outside the Empire State building where a former employee shot and killed his supervisor out on the streets. I'm sick of guns and all their mess. And then you read articles to educate yourself on the issue and see such varied (euphemism for clashing) opinions. Some people look to Russia and say how if you take firearms away from civilians, then they will only get into the hands of the criminals. But then in Australia, a huge national firearms program was implemented after a mass shooting (not unlike the one that happened in Aurora, Colorado, for instance) and the government paid people decent money to buy back civilian firearms. And public shootings have dropped ever since - there was definitely a correlation between decreasing amounts of firearms in the populace to a decrease in public gun-related shootings. In fact, they haven't had a mass shooting since that program was implemented. But I guess the bottom line would be that you can't expect the exact same results in the United States as to other countries in the world but the frequency of these shootings where innocent people are caught in the crossfire...it begs for change. It's sad that individual activism falls short in the machinations of working reform into the gun laws, especially against the politically powerful NRA....but when is enough GOING TO BE enough??? Why must people think that adding guns to their households and propagating gun sales to the public will mitigate the problem of unstable human beings using them as a weapon to act out their latent aggressions and/or psychoses, etc? Part of the issue is that guns are ingrained in American culture, but I'm talking about safety for its sake here! I just think it's wrong that innocent people should be suffering and adding to the death toll when something could reasonably be done to ease this problem.

I'm also stunned at how so many gun lovers will balk at the slightest mention of ANY kind of investigation into the current gun laws. There's a thing called negotiation and finding a middle ground - that's what diplomacy is all about - and they need to understand that not everyone who is against guns is trying to take their guns away from them! We're not all trying to be underhanded thieves and rob people of their legitimate possessions. I'm saying, why can't we sit down and implement some positive action to make gun laws a little more stringent than they are? Things like having to undergo training classes, psychological screenings, registering them on a national registry....creating deterrents for possible mass murderers from getting their hands on firearms easily. All I'm wondering is when are the powers that run the nation going to be brave enough to infuse a bit of change on such a politically-charged issue? Gun violence, especially the senseless killings that have happened in the media lately, are so horrifying because bullets, and the psychopaths (or trained killers, call them what you will) that wield the guns and shoot them, do not discriminate. Your only fault would have been that you were in a presumably safe public location when a preventable disaster descended. And that's really fucked up, in every sense of the phrase.

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July 30th, 2012

11:11 pm - Wow
Heh, this is another topic that my boyfriend and I had discussed just a couple of days ago - learning algebra in grade school. Both of us have never had a history of having problems with math, and although he's more mathematically inclined than I am (he got perfect scores on SAT math and all the SAT II math subject tests he took), I still appreciate the subject and have done relatively well in mathematics courses. Although it wasn't explicitly stated, I'm pretty sure that we are both of the same frame of mind that algebra is an essential stepping stone and foundation to higher mathematics. And this is on the assumption that higher mathematics is essential to a student's academic curriculum.

And then lo and behold, I stumbled upon this article:


I like JustAGuy's and jjwynne's comments on the topic.

As for my opinion, this made me feel slightly queasy upon reading it and I think this article is absolute drivel.
Current Mood: shockedaghast

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July 22nd, 2012

01:49 am - the crap that ppl say.....
I just had to post this on here because it's so unbelievably stupid and ludicrous.

This is in response to the recent, tragic event in Aurora, Colorado - below is my reply to a comment on Facebook (from someone who is in favor of stricter regulation on firearms):

"seriously.....tell me about it! need i even mention that a gun proponent had the nerve to say, “Potentially, if there had been a law-abiding citizen who had been able to carry in the theater, it’s possible the death toll would have been less.” uhhh okay, like anybody would be able to distinguish crap in that whole mess with the tear gas diffused throughout the theater...and that that situation wouldn't have escalated into an even bigger and more bloody fiasco with the introduction of MORE guns into the equation....."

My boyfriend made a very good point today in response to that quote listed above saying that it's difficult for even expertly-trained gunmen to distinguish their targets. This is evidenced by the significant casualties of friendly fire...it's not like that term is bandied around for no reason. And then it being a dark, enclosed place with many people crammed together, total chaos having ensued, and limited visibility with tear gas having been deployed - how can anyone in his/her right mind think that ADDING guns to the situation would have possibly made it better? In that vein, my boyfriend also remarked that untrained civilians could accidentally shoot someone whilst whipping out their guns and and that it would be extremely difficult to tell who was the culprit in this matter if multiple people started using their firearms in that scenario, which I wholeheartedly agree with. Anywho, I thought those were excellent arguments to this raging debate over possible reform and/or stricter regulation of gun laws.
Current Mood: frustratedflabbergasted

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