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It's been around a week.. - Cecelia

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February 8th, 2017

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09:14 pm - It's been around a week..
So...it's only been a couple of weeks since Trump became president but boy has there been A LOT of crap; but really, what could you expect from someone as terrible as him? Let's see, protests have been flaring up all over the country, including the biggest in US history (women's march, go women!), DeVos got confirmed as Education Secretary, Muslims got banned from traveling to the US from 7 random Middle Eastern countries (not the top 3 that Trump has business dealings with, however), Yemen rightfully kicked the US out from doing antiterror ground raids due to civilian casualties (from Trump fucking up his intel), the wall across the Mexican border will go on (like some horrible neverending nightmare) and will be funded by American taxpayers (he says that it will be funded by tariffs on Mexico which is a joke because it will drive up prices for American consumers)....did I miss anything? Oh and Bannon got promoted to be a member of the National Security Council and is the Puppet Master of the Third Reich. I shouldn't say that last part, he is only trying to make America racist as shit. Needless to say, I condemn all of the Republicans (except maybe not the two who tried to oppose DeVos's nomination) and every single person who voted for Trump, regardless of their reasoning. You failed us all - you failed not only our great country, but you failed yourself and your family. In all outward appearance, I will work with you and I will be a decent human being to you since there are so many of you, but I will NEVER forget what you did. How you were able to swallow his bag of lies down your throat is beyond me - how did you not choke on it? How were you able to look past the vulgar comments and even more serious implications of sexual assault like "pussy grabbing"? ESPECIALLY for anyone who has a daughter in their life, how could you have failed that girl or that woman so? Not to mention his blatant racism. It was unimaginable to me that someone like this should be, could be, a President, let alone the President of the United States of America, founded on principles of racial and religious equality. The greatest lesson I have learned from all of this is to NEVER take freedom or liberty for granted, stay eternally vigilant. This will be a rough, rough 4 years, but I am happy for the lessons that I learned. I am becoming more politically aware and politically active.

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